Courses Taught

dates in italics are anticipated future offerings

Chemistry Courses

  • CHM-1152 General Chemistry II Lecture [SPR05]
  • CHM-1108 General Chemistry II Laboratory [SPR08, SUM12]
  • CHM-1103 General Chemistry I Laboratory [SUM16, SUM17, FAL20]
  • CHM-1104 General Chemistry II Laboratory [SUM05, SUM11]
  • CHM-1512 Quantitative Analysis [SPR22]
  • CHM-1502 Quantitative Analysis Laboratory [SPR12, SPR15, SPR17, SPR20, SPR22]
  • CHM-3511 Instrumental Analysis Lecture [FAL04, FAL05, FAL06, FAL08, FAL10, FAL12]
  • CHM-3501 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory [FAL04, FAL05, FAL06, FAL08, FAL09, FAL10, FAL11, FAL12, FAL14, FAL19, FAL20, FAL21, FAL22]

Graduate Courses

  • CHM-9551 Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry (Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry) [SPR05, SPR08, FAL09, FAL11, FAL13, SPR17, SUM18, SUM19, SUM20, SPR21, SPR23]

Interdisciplinary Courses

  • CHM-1058 Chemistry and Art Lecture [SPR06, SPR07, SPR09, SPR10, SPR11]
  • CHM-1008 Chemistry and Art Laboratory [SPR06, SPR07, SPR10, SPR11]
  • MSE-2303 The Science of Art [SPR13, SPR14, SPR15, SPR16, FAL16, FAL17, FAL18]
  • MSE-2303 The Science of Art (Distance Learning, Asynchronous) [SUM20, SUM21, SUM22]
  • AAH-3009 Renaissance Art Through the Lens of Science [SPR16]

Sabbatical [FAL07, FAL15, SPR19]

Teaching Awards  The Villanova University Innovative Teaching Award [2016]